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So the weekend was supposed to be a wife free bike stripping and rough tickover solving couple of days with maybe a cheeky ride out or two.

All started well other than an exhaust valve inspection cap trying to break while being removed but I managed to remove it with only minor damage. The inspection bolts both felt a little tight but again came out ok.

Valves checked and found to be pretty far out, inlet was around 0.25mm instead of 0.1mm so all valves were set correctly. Carb removed, cleaned, needle shimmed and refitted and everything looking ok so far.

And then this. The 30mm inspection bolt decided to basically fall apart. It looks like it was overtightened previously and the reinstallation was the final straw :(

broken inspection bolt.jpg

Is there anyone in the north east (near Darlington) that would happen to be breaking an engine or have some spare parts they would sell for beer tokens? I know they can be ordered on line for not a lot of money but that would mean waiting until next week to test the bike.
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