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Greetings from Denmark.
I want to put my Dommie on the road as spring is just around the corner.
I have fitted a flatside carb which was set up by Nick in Brum but I fitted a bell mouth on it and no ammount of adjustment will stop it backfiring and spitting.
Nick advised me to put an air filter on it and I was wondering if anyone knew what size filter I need.
The bike is on my terrace out in the winter weather and I dont fancy working outside in the cold and I cant bring the bike into the living room as my Triumph project is inside my living room.
Does anyone know what size filter to use as I am desperate to get out on a bike coz I havnt ridden one in six months since I sold my last one to pay for my Triumph.


My Triumph build is almost finished, I just need to fit a pair of copper rocker box gaskets and wire up the headlight but me and electrics are best kept apart from each other.


Spring is almost here and I cant wait to get out on a bike again.


I need a bike for work as I got a part time job working in a bike workshop and I am fed up of walking two km to catch a train and then a bus every day in this cold and wet weather.


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