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600 Alp - Loaded test run

Well, after over 400 miles since yesterday morning, I think I can safely say that the 21 year old Alp is fairly sorted. Took a 120 mile run over to the Red Squirrel camp site at Glencoe Saturday morning and met up with a fellow Alp rider.
Red Squirrel camp site

We them covered around 150 miles of small dirty roads and some forest tracks before dinning at the Clachaig Inn.

Said our farewells early Sunday morning, the man heading home via Glencoe and me heading for home via Forts Bill & Augustus and Inverness

Apparently, according to Google maps, the filming of Hagrids hut occurred reet close to the campsite . . .
Site of Hagrids Hut . . .allegedly

Steve T

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