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So was looking for good dual sport lid, at mid range price, not plastic and could wear goggles under
So there is the usual, arai and shoei but the costs are just daft if ask me.

After looking googling the big hitters were spada sting, afx fx-39, fly trekker (all same lid diferent liner)

Then saw oneall adventure and the THH Fx-41 lids, real nice and for sub 100 euro they are nice lids for money

Also allt hese lids are ECC and DOT approved so head is going to be sale

So found ls2 mx453 on advrider and got great reviews and one best dual sport helmets they used let alone cheap

LS2 MX453 Dual Sport Helmet by Atomic-Moto

E145 euro plus 16 postage from the following company
ASP Group Distributing

Very helpfull and fast postage

So opened box today and tired it on, great fit and i am a big XL-XXL and XL fits very nice and snug. Neck roll is hard fit on and off my huge head but once on fits very well

goggles, fit great and visor works with goggles on or off so great for me

Also liner is soft, cheek pads were very tight but after 10mins walking around house they softened out very nicely

not had bike time yet but will try get out this week.

Finish is very nice and better than the AGV AX8 Dual i had and returned.

Ears fit nocely, but i have ear ache this week so not a true test till on bike for few hours

Peak is very solid and not cheap flimsy like my old agv again

Double D rings are nice and has a very nice double velcro strap you fasten 1st so strap never hits skin


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atomic moto review talks about it

i am odd size.

anynone review i read said it as good fit for all shapes due to great liner

i am measured XL and i usually take XL-XXL depending on style

fits me perfect but cheek pads are bit tight but thats due to my monstrous head and 50% helmets i try dont fit. this has be one best fitting lids i have ever had
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