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Hi Chaps,

XL700VA, 2008 with 20K miles on the clock. Riding along a few weeks a go, on full throttle the engine cuts. Roll the throttle back off and it picks up again. Every time I open the throttle the engine dies, but picks up again when I roll it off. Bike is un rideable. No MIL . Turn it off, turn it back on (I'm in IT..) there's a click and the MIL comes on. Bike starts and rides OK. Get to a petrol station fill up and when I come to start it it MIL is out and its all normal.

Roll forward a week or so and I'm riding along, bikes starts spitting and banging, loss of power MIL comes straight on and bike is rideable. Turn it off an on, no change. Riding it home I start musing about what could be wrong and wonder if its the TPS. Pull the clutch in, kill the engine, set the kill switch to start move the throttle through the its full range a couple of times, MIL goes out engine starts and all is OK.

Yesterday, pulling away from some lights loss of power, but all sorts itself out after a second or so. Later on that day, MIL comes straight on, clutch in, kill switch on/off, operate throttle, theres a click & MIL goes off, bike starts rides home OK.

Thoughts? Anyone used one of the HDS pocket tester jobbies?
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