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it's about an hour......
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Had a spare day so decided to hit the trails in North Wales once again.....but this time opted not to drop straight down to Llangollen but instead to try a few different trails. I had marked up a "Vale of Clwyd" map (OS 264) a while ago but had yet to sample the trails. So decided today was the day. The trails on the map looked a lot shorter than the ones down towrds Llangollen. But just because they were shorter doesnt mean they were not as good.​

Started in the Clywdian Range near Mold - I had done a few of these tracks before so they were good to get me warmed up. Then hit the new trails which a a few miles South of Denbigh.

Some great short trails, nothing too difficult....until I reached a very technical looking one. I took one look, decided to walk up it and opted to turn around and not bother trying it solo (I must be getting sensible in my old age). There is no way I could have got my @ up unaided. Far too dangerous. I would like to give it a go but would need backup. Once you start it looks like its a commited trip to the top as it has deep ruts so turning round is out of the question.

Soft ground, deep ruts and lots of loose stone. The track is steep as well.

Its only about 300 meters long until you reach the summit.

Next found a very old "ancient" byway. On the map its only a few hundred meters long. Again, opted to walk, rather than try this solo (whats wrong with me - I normally would have just had a go!!!).

Cross the stream and the byway starts on the left.

It rises steeply, following the remains of a track.......

And then becomes very overgrown - probably unpassable on bikes, but the field to the right of the track could be used....but its fairly steep and grassy. Again, would be mad to try it solo....but with backup Id be up for giving it a go.

I then picked up the Clwydian way heading across fields and through woods towards the "Foel Goch" wind farm. Fantastic track. Lots of water and mud......

Do I or dont I ?

View from the other side. I decided to walk it. Once it past my thighs I abandoned the idea and went round. It would be fun to give it a go, but with deep water and deep ruts I opted for the sensible approach (whats wrong with me!!!!!).

There were several "puddles" like this, and all apart from one (knee deep water that I had to go through) had a chikcen route round the side.

Absolutely knackered tiredness eventually took over and I came off in what looks like a pretty easy rut.

Did another trail then decided to call it a day and went to the nearby town of Ruthin for a pint......then decided one more nearby trail was in order before blasting over the Horseshoe pass, through Llangollen and onto my destination - inlaws in Ruabon.

Great day. If anyone fancies giving these trails a go I may try and include them into my planned trail riding weekend in September, see Ride outs section.

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"Absolutely knackered tiredness eventually took over and I came off in what looks like a pretty easy rut" :D:D:D

Great photos and report .. Will see what next month bring ..
Well done again... :thumbup:

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Looks like fun times, isn't it always the easy ones that get you in the end:D

I especially like the 'woozy' focus on a couple of them, looks like you've had a head rush from picking the beast up (or being blessed! with a kickstart only:()
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