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Maybe a little early................but what the hell
It's been a mixed year, but on the whole pretty good - after a rough start last Xmas
My second full year of self employment has seen me with enough work to allow me to do the things that I enjoy and pay the i'm grateful for that
After a winter of harsh weather, things got better and by March we were able to get biking again

I bought this in Feb at the Classic Dirt Bike Show..................but soon realised 25 year old bikes may look shiny but they don't ride as well as modern ones

and stuck to my modern Trials bike............I entered many trials in the early part of the year

I also did plenty of trailriding in Spring & Summer, in the Dales and Moors

and organised some rides for other GS'ers

rounded off with a BBQ with friends

In May I went to the UKGSER event at a new venue @ Montford Bridge and it was good to see loads of people again

In June, I was asked to go to Timolgra's wedding to the lovely Ange and it was one of the highlights of 2011

We had a lovely B&B here, with my new girlfriend

In early July I went to Garmisch BMW Festival with Bryn & Lyn and Casperfelix

and onto the Dolomites alone, spectacular as ever

After my 2 week foreign sojourn, Midsummer was a bit quiet...................just some rides in the God's Country

In early August I went to Barbon Hill climb for the first time

Mid August I went to the the excellent Cotswold bash - hosted by Toad and family and then 1 week later I was back there within 2 miles, to attend the BMW Club 60th Anniversary National @ Moreton in Marsh

Sept - it must be East Midlands @ Lumb Farm
Cookie & Angie, Oscar and Humvee attended for the first time, so i organised to show them the Peak District............I think they enjoyed themselves

We were due to meet up once again for a holiday to Spain to the Moto Piston Rally in early October
No pics from me.......................but a most excellent trip report can be found here from Humvee
Picos, Moto Piston & Pyrenees 2011 - ::. .::

A week after returning, with a 20c temp drop I was off to Germany the Mosel

In November, I decided I needed a small trailbike for winter and bought this

Last weekend, I finished it off by joining Micky for his suprise 65th Birthday weekend in mid Wales, although I took a bike, I admit I never rode one all weekend

All in all, another great biking year

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Looks like you had a good year. Thanks for sharing the pictures

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Great pics, nice bikes, lovely locations and great mates......perfect combination :)
I'm jealous, your garage looks like my kinda toy shop.

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