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I thought that I should share my experience regarding the DIY aluminum panniers I've made the last days and fished today.
I'm sorry if my English is to poor for some of you but I'll hope that you will understand the images!

First of all, I sat down and googled, a lot! I found a website with some instructions from a guy who had made his own panniers and I figured that it was something like that I should build mine. Those of you who know wich site I'm refering to will notice by the look a like :rolleyes:

I dissuade to use 2mm aluminum so I ordered it from a local metal/scrapyard/recycling company named Stena. They also cut it in pieces with the sizes i wanted and for this i had to pay approximately 1400 SEK (~160€) but I later noticed that they had given me the 1.5mm sheet but that was after I've started to build so I will contact them later after the vacation and ask for 25% refund (pay by weight!).

I also bought some L-profiles with messieurs of 25*25*2mm and 15*15*1mm from Bauhaus and some silicone/multi purpose glue plus the hasp lock and key lock I used.

Aluminum profiles

Sheet metal ready to go home!

First bend in my small bench brake

Radius of bend, I'm satisfied!

Making the sides/front part for the first pannier.

Backside and bottom part for the first box.

The two parts toghether. I cut of the part on the backside that was longer then needed.

Cutting the L-profiles to make a 90 degree bend.

Holes drilled with approx. 25-30mm space.

More holes.

Ready to glue

I used a lot of it but it only took less then half a tube for everything

I used aluminum pop-rivets (is that even the right word?!)

Attaching the smaller L-profile to use as a edge for the gasket that I glued in the lid.

Second pannier has a different shape to fit because the exhaust system is to wide

Same procedure as for the first box, just more difficult because of one more angle.


... holes.. i must have drilled at least 500 holes total!

I bought a cabinet lock at a local hardware store. Approx. 4€ each. Nice keys.. =)

In the lid..

Boxes done!

Now I just need to attach them to the original frame from my plastic panniers. I asked myself for a long time how I would do this the easiest way, I wanted it to be strong but easy to remove the panniers when needed and I didn't want to change anything on the frame cause I want to be able to use the plastic bags as well sometimes. The solution was to build something that looks and works like on the Zega panniers from Touratech.

After many hours of research I found that our plastic cutting board in the kitchen was a perfect donor. The tubing on the frame is 16mm and the board was 10mm so i used two pieces and filed down a groove in the middle as seen below.

Almost done..

There they are, mounted and ready for a test drive!

The measures are 45cm long, 35cm high and 20cm wide. The pannier on the right side is a bit smaller, it's angeled from 22cm down and the bottom is 15cm wide.

Tonight I took a 80km long test drive with a friend to the island Öland and they were very stable! Everything worked as it should and nothing came loose :iconbiggrin:

I hope you had as much fun watching this as I had building them and that you understand my written english:p

Questions will be answered as soon as i can, will leave for a Norway trip on wednesday with my new panniers but that will be in another thread..


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Top job matey
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