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With some stills from my on board camera.

Rode a lane in Warnford in Hampshire, found it on the online definitive maps. All my off roady friends were busy and as my road bike currently has no engine in it, I was desperate for motorbike action, so took the XR to this lane to have a look see.

Came across this frigging great puddle. Looked quite long, but guessed it may not be that deep.:error:

About a foot and a half after touching water, the front dropped down. I was unable to pull the bike back up, so had to go for it, kept the revs up, got stuck so had to put my feet down, and the bike wanted to die. Luckily, I made it out before it conked out, and again, luckily, it started again a few minutes later.

I would like to thank WSN03 for certain recommendations and other folks who's names I've forgotten. I doubt the bike would've survived mechanically had I not done the mods.
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