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My old Gilera DNA 125******SOLD******

*********Bike now sold*********

I have for sale my old Gilera DNA 125 in blue...
It still runs however was involved in an accident last August, and was subsequently written off by the insurance, as the assesor took the look of if a panel had a scratch on it, then it needed replacing.

From what I've lookad at on the bike it just needs the following to get it back on the road:
-left foot peg
-both brake levers (although one of them is not that bad...)
-one front indicator lens (although a bit of glue would be a good tempory fix...)
-fork seals

All the above I have found on Ebay and totaled about £200.

The bike is an auto with a 125cc scooter engine, although it looks more like a proper bike. It is very nippy round town, and is easily capable of 60 mph+ on the open roads (Ihave had near 80 mph out of it on a few occasions..). Has a 9 litre tank, and does easily 140-150 miles on this tank, although I have never run it till it has ran out...
The tank is a dummy which is a storage space and fits a helmet in no problem, and there is more storage under the seat (due to me having a play about and moving all the component bits to give some more storage).
When I got the bike from my brother a couple of years back I replaced both front and rear brake calipers for new, and it has also recently had new Pirelli tyres (only done about 300 miles on them).

I will try to get some piccies on here soon, for a better look at the bike.

I'm looking to get around the £400 mark for the bike, so if anyone either wants it for a project, or knows someone who wants a little 125 commuter, then let me know.

Thanks for reading.


Here's the pics:

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