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Just that.


I know it's lots of abuse created, but it means I'm going to have to call the Cambrian on a "Proper" UK-Rally bike. So much so, I'm going to write the email soon.

All I needed to do was
  • Have the wheels rebuilt with new spokes and nipples so they could be tightened up to stop the hubs rattling around when sppeds dropped. Now when you shake the stripped rim the hub rattles big time from side to side, you can SEE it moving!
  • Sort the petrol issue, I think, that stops it running under some throttle, from about 1/4 upwards. I'm no good with carbs!
  • Fettle the engine so it stops smoking. I stopped year and a half ago, why can't it?
  • Fit new springs to front suspension so it sort of works.
  • Source a heavy duty 17" tube for the rear.
and I really haven't had £ or time to do any.

As I said, :( .
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