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Ok ladies and gentlemen.
Here's the deal....... lots to get through so pay attention at the back.

The next National Meet is in Snowdonia North Wales Thursday 8th - Saturday 10th September 2011.

Llyn Gwynant (thank you to Frad and PigUgly for finding it and researching it)
Group information for Llyn Gwynant Campsite

Camping is available in an exclusive field to us with great facilities.
Camping is available Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun and possibly at other times outside of these days by arrangement.

We are hiring the Camping Barn.
Thur, Fri & Sat.

We are hiring the Function Barn.
Fri & Sat.

The camping barn allows bunk house style sleeping for 20 people. This is on a first come first served basis.

See below for the full facilities of the barn. But you'll always be warm! :)

Sam Manicom
The price includes two talks by Sam Manicom on the Friday and Saturday nights in the Function barn.
Sam Manicom : Adventure Motorcycle Travel Books

This is being sorted out by Frad and Pigugly... with more to come when a decision has been made.

One point that needs to be covered off straight away is that my aim is to cover the cost of the event as everything has to prepaid. I don't want to make a loss obviously and any profit we make will go to our nominated charity.

The cost is £10 per night per person regardless of whether you stay in the bunk house or use your own tent on Thu/Fri/Sat night.
It is only this cost if you preorder your camping.

If you turn up on the day / weekend and camp the cost will be £15 per person per night. This is because we really do need to incentivise people to pay up front as I have said I need to fund the whole thing and pay up front.
That said £15 per person for what we are offering actually should be really good value I think, £10 per person per night is a bargain!

How to book
I have added in to the shop the individual nights so that you can select them and add them to the shopping basket. If you are attending with someone else then please increase the quantity to 2 or whatever you require.
Add each day you require to the shopping basket.
You can pay via PayPal, Cheque, Bank Transfer or Postal Order.
National Meet Booking

The Barns
The camping and bunk barn consists of two adjoining rooms: one has seating around a wood burning stove at one end, dining area in the midde and a kitchen at the other end, see the photographs opposite. The other room has multi-level alpine style sleeping platforms that can accommodate up to 20 people (and is very difficult to photograph!).

The camping barn kitchen, pictured opposite, has 2 gas hobs, an electric oven, microwave oven, toaster, large fridge freezer as well as hot and cold running water and washing up facilities. There is also a commercial dish washer, not shown in the photo, that is available by arrangement. The seating area of the camping barn has a woodburning stove and a payphone. The barns have electric sockets. The camping barn can accommodate up to about 40 people, with seating at tables for up to 25.

The function barn is a magnificent room with high oak-framed windows down one side, high slate roof with old oak trusses, opening onto a large lean-to area which has a large stone firepace with modern (and highly efficient) wood burning stove. A wooden stage is at one end of the room (the photo opposite and below shows this side of the room), which now has a stained glass window above it. The function barn can accommodate up to 300 people standing, and about 125 seated at tables.

There are multiple electric sockets including high level sockets at the top of the stone pillars and low level ones as well. On the stage is a 30 amp socket suitable for sound systems, as well as many powerpoints and room lighting. The area is still being developed and will eventually have additional large windows beside the stage overlooking the lake, as well as interior toilets and showers.

The barn yard is at the entrance to the barn complex and is a flat metalled area surrounded by high hedgerows and mature trees. Up to around 25 cars can park in this yard, and there is also the toilet portacabin, see below.

The barn camping fields are separate from the public camp site, although the main toilet block is only a short walk away. These private fields include barn field opposite the barn yard, which is flat and bounded on one side by a hedgerow beside the road to the site and on the other by the field Cae hendre which runs down to the lake. The barn field is flat and suited to marquees, camping or overflow parking (only by arrrangement when the field is dry). Cae hendre is larger but has a more rolling contour. Both have beautiful views over the lake and are very close to the barns. Camping groups of up to 50 people in the barns use just barn field, while larger groups can use both fields, which together can accommodate up to 200 campers.

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There was a problem with ordering where only the first order worked, I've sorted this now. Sorry for anyone who tried to order and were told we were out of stock of places already!!!
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