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Hi lads

I'm about to install my Africa Queens crash bars, and I'm staring at the parts, but don't see an obvious way to put them together ... There's a slight chance that the beers from last night is hampering my clear sight ..

I've checked their website, but being so extravagantly poorly designed, I couldn't find anything remotely useful. Not surprised, really, considering how amateurish these people handled my payment, asking for my credit card codes to be able to complete the payment)

Also, considering how careless they threw the bars into a box with minimal wrapping, arriving all banged up, I wouldn't be at all surprised if some part is missing.

Maybe I'm asking too much ... I only paid 220 quid :(

Would really appreciate if someone with the same bars could lend me a few tips, now that AQ couldn't be bothered to make a tiny little installation drawing for challenged people such as myself?

Here's what's in the box:

And here's my initial idea, but have no idea where the black bolt and big odd nut goes ... and the compressable spacers?

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Those are very similar to the sw motech bars I have.
The way you got it set out there looks about right, the 2 u bolts hook around the radiator mounting lugs off the frame and the plate spans them in front of the frame be careful not to over tighten these as they will damage the lugs.
The bottom mount I got a square U bolt which hooked around the frame.
I think once the top mounts are fitted and the bars hanging off them the rest of the fixings will be self explanatory.
I also got a new longer engine mounting bolt to fix the back of the crash bars with the motech ones
I can’t help you with the bits you got left over sorry

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Your bottom mount is upside down.:D

The bottom bracket will sit just on top of the bashplate when installed correctly.

The top bracket U bolts clamp around the top radiator mounting tubes.

Offer it up to the bike and it will all become clear.................
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