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Since we don't seem to be having some kind of "show off your new shiny or farkle or wotsit" thread already...

This month is turning out a bit dear. ;-)

Finally got the new pannier from TT to replace the knackered one I went ice surfing on.
They're a nice bit of kit, but once they're bent you'll never keep the weather out again...

(Incidentally, no, the left pannier isn't brimmed with water in that shot. The bottom's holed too so that's :cool:)

And blimey but it's shiny, I'll bet it lights up the night sky just like the moon. It'll stand out like nothing else on my bike as well. Ah well, give it time... (Pic not posted to protect sensitive eyes. :rolleyes:)

The bike will be fitted with TKCs this weekend, I wonder what that will be like on the GS, only ever had them on the NX.

And some new clobber:

Gericke Cruise 2, nice. Got to try out the goretex today: Works. :thumbup:
Nice to have something that fits properly again. Even managed to talk a nice 12% discount out of the young lady in the store. :D
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