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If I get my current bike sold I will be looking to buy a new Transalp next year, so some questions to the wise.

1. When do Honda release the 2006 models?
2. What time of year does Honda do a price review?
3. Does the price review marry up with the release of the 2006 models and if so will 2005 models go up, remain at the old price, or indeed be cheaper?

Cheers Chris

Golam Rosewater
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chris v said:
so some questions to the wise.
:lol: sorry, i think that's funny (the word wise and wheeliebin just doesn't work)

Going by what happened last year with the 05 model, they didn't start appearing until summer (well after all the other 05 models) and there was no price change.
The 04 model had an extended offer of a couple of free accessory offers (free touring screen, headed grips, topbox or free pannier kit). But the price for the older model didn't drop.

Honda need to drop the price if they want to shift more 'Alps.
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