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Hello people. Long time no see, etc. Not been around here in yonks due to, well, life and things like that.

You know how it is.

Anyway, I finally got to the point where I have admitted I am never going to live anywhere with a garage where I can rebuild my old RD04, so I think the time has finally come...

So ... what's it worth?

RD04 Non-runner. Sorn'd. No tax or MOT. So would be offered for spares or repair, obviously.

H Reg, 1991, but not used in the UK until it was bought over from Italy in 2004, which is when it was registered in the UK - fully legally, speedo, lights etc. changed with certificate (I'm sure I have it somewhere)

Never had any issues with it re: insurance or anything else as it was a model that was also sold in the UK, so no-one cares. No one has even asked to see any certificate or proof of anything. Just FYI.

Not used since 2013(!)

Will need picking in West Sussex before the end of April.


  • Truly Fantastic "1980's German Ski Instructor" paint scheme
  • Replacement tank in different paint scheme!
  • Comes with original tank- with taps! (but it leaks)

Problems (that I can remember off the top of my head):

  • Non-running - not charging when put away, so alternator, maybe?
  • Exhaust silencer is shot, held together with metal tape and sprayed black. Passed many MOT's like that, somehow.
  • Seized rear disc - rusted solid. Will try and get that moving at least.
  • Covered in random stickers* and reflective tape**
  • Tyres cracked and need replacing
  • Probably needs some seals / bearings
  • Front Indicator rubber has perished so they are droopy, so will need replacements
  • Seat coming apart along the seams
  • Tank going a bit green - there was this weird clear film over it as well, which has half come off.
  • Original white hand-guards sprayed black at some point, now peeling.
  • Right-side rear panel was broken when bike was blown over in a gale, glued back together with all the pieces I could find and covered in more stickers
  • Some weird extra lights that probably need to come off
  • Battery must be toast by now

*the replacement tank was already covered in stickers, so...
** I used to commute on it, so was trying to be as visible as possible​

also comes with ...

  • Removed centre stand
  • Original rear shock (could be refurbished)
  • Other random new and used parts
  • Haynes manual
  • Top Box
  • Quite nice crash bars (already fitted)

Basically a rebuild project for a real RD04 fan, or a source of parts for someone who already has one.

So, honestly, is it worth putting on ebay? If so, how much? (i'm assuming almost no reserve...)

Is anyone actually likely to be interested?

In truth would rather it went to someone who likes ATs who was going to do something with it.

Re: picking it up - am planning on moving in April and I will not be able to move it or store it (I can't drive) so it will have to be picked up. Sorry. I will help you load it into a van!

I found some photos from last year, last time I unwrapped it. I can take some more, but I had these to hand and I think you get the idea...












Sorry this post is a bit rough and ready, events have suddenly overtaken me and I find myself needing to sort some things out quickly.

Thanks in advance for your time and any suggestions you might have. Thanks!


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Love your old bike. Hope you managed to sell it ok. These sort of bikes never seem to turn up in New Zealand. Over here at the bottom of the globe you'd probably get 4k for something like that. Getting quite collectible.

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Looking good restored in Florida Blue.
Just finishing a tidy up on mine that was in that scheme, but had to change to the Red White Blue as It was a little far gone to make it worthwhile keeping the 80's colour..

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Nice work Wayne? You did a great thing returning ya bike to where it belongs. Not sold off in bits like is seen more times than often necessary. Far out that was pretty deep man!!!

I can ride all day.
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Been having the thought off selling the the blue RD04?
It needs a seat recovered to finish but the rest is sweet.
I think 3k is a fair price.

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