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Him in the shed wants to take the ulysses round "the ring" this summer. So I'm planning a trip to the Moselle valley / Eifel Mountains area of Germany.

Anyone been before?

Any top tips?


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Yep !!

I`ve been...and gone around the `Ring TWO UP on a BMW R1100GS.

I stayed in Blankenheim.

You cannot possibly prepare mentally for the `Ring.


I got off the circuit gasping for a cold COLD beer or several and so very glad to be alive.

All you can smell on arrival is frying brake pads and tyre rubber smoke.

You see cars with five point harnesses and drivers in overalls and full face helmets.

Sport bikes with hand cut slicks.

Supermotos with ground down frame tubes.

Everyone is in protective extinguishers..fancy tyres..expensive this,exotic that...

And there you are...on your lardy dual purpose bike with textile clothing and knobbly tyres....

Just go and enjoy it :D :D :D

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Never been there on a bike, but have visited 5 or so times

It´s probably the friendliest area of Europe towards bikers, most B&Bs have a safe, covered dry area to keep the bikes, roads are great, bumpy and twisty, and you have the Nordschleife.

If you´ve never been there before, it´s a bit slippery to go out on the track in the wet, also, I´ld avoid riding on weekends when the place is packed, can become a bit intimidating if you´re not familiar with the track.

I always stay here:, have always been received well, great friends now, and as everyone, very accomodating towards bikers. Their coffee is great, a great start of the day, nothing like opening your eyes to a morning while hearing the sounds of tires in agony and revving engines being brought to you by the mist of the mountain, a motorsports fan´s Meca, I´ll have to go there again in August.

Great pizza in Pinochio´s, in Adenau right on the main street, cheap and very good, really good pizza.

Cheap good meals in the place near the bridge in Adenau, the one with the chairs and tables outside, on the left side of the street if you´re coming from the bridge, on the right side if you´re heading towards the bridge, try the Goulashsoup (spelling?) if you´re cold, will make your stomach feel cozy.

A meal in Sabine´s place, the Pistenklause, in the Hotel am Tiergarten, in Nurburg, enjoy the messages and autographed pictures from motoring legends all over the place, talk about rich in history, not cheap like the others I mentioned though, but worth it for the ambiance.

Cologne is nice for a day walking about, worth the not long ride, great places to drink a beer and eat some typical food by the river, also some extremely nice italian restaurants everywhere in Cologne.

There´s a place near a river that I don´t remember the name of that´s a good ride, will get back to you on this, as with a couple more tips I´ll remember later.

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I went last year on my Triumph T955i and it was an excellent w/e!
We stayed here and I'd heartily recommend it. The owner Brendan is a ring maniac and will give good advice and show you dvd's of him doing the ring, which helps with the intimdation side of things!
They also have a really lovely Great Dane called Daisy, if you like dogs!
It's about a 15 min ride from the ring itself, along some absolutley gorgeous roads.
Some of the mountain roads are absolutly breathtaking.
I'd recommend riding to Cockem as the mountain roads around there were excellent.
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