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My AT didn't come with the stock one, K&N's on top of the carbs, which run fine in cold weather but break the temperature needle on the red after 20 minutes idling in warm weather...

Got this snorkel from EBay last week for 1 pound 40 p, with the carb rubbers in tip-top shape:

2015-04-29 19.47.49.jpg

Hamart sold me an airbox for 20 quid with the intake pipe included, hopefully here by the weekend :)

A facebook buddy of mine uses amalgamating tape to seal the pipes, always a good tip as I haven't yet sourced the snorkel-to-airbox- link, and the weirdly complicated looking vent tube that links underneath the airbox.

I'll probably go for a stock Honda air filter to fit, but looking at the fiches there's a shedload of flame-retardant screens, blanking plates and all that need to be fitted behind it.

So... what's essential, and what's not - after cleaning and re-seating my sticky chokes I guess I'll need someone more experter than I am to balance and Dyno my carbs, any tips on getting the air supply near enough right appreciated :)


I have a resonator in good shape, that came in the box of bits with my bike - I thought it was a radiator reservoir from another bike, at first :/
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