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:D :D

Not in the party sense though.

A couple of weekends ago, Mr Mabel, Mini Mabel and myself decided to go for a little adventure in the woods

Because we had to carry quite a bit of kit we took the car,

Off road :D

Look at the grin on his face some guys never grow up

Since the survival weekend that we did Caitlin had been nagging us to take her and let her sleep in a shelter in the forestry.

So we drove the family car up Sarn Helen

No they are not big knobbly tyres that would be your standard road tyre on there :D the car performed brilliantly only bottoming out once :oops: when mr Mabel drove a little to fast over a bump

So we made a little shelter in the trees

And built a fantastic fire to cook our steaks on

After that we snuggled into the shelter and watched the fire die out as we dropped off to sleep.

It started to rain at about 2am and although we would have been fine I was a bit worried about getting the car back our if the ground became too wet so we packed up and headed off home.

Going to do it again next year but next time may take the bikes :D

whys the rum always gone?
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damm you are cool parents:cool::cool::cool::cool:can i call you mum and dad:D:D:D
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