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Dear fellow Transalp Riders,

First of all... Happy new year with many safe Transalp kilometres!

The topic was already addressed here in a previous posting, but in name of the General Members Board of I am proud to make the official invitation here for the lot of you:

As starting today, the registration to this Transalp Riders Main Event of
the Year has been opened!

Here are the details, visit our special site for
details. All information here is also available in English!

Please forward this information to all Transalp Riders and please ad a
link on your own Transalp pages: -

Our goal is to gather as much as possible Transalp riders from as much as
possible nations! There fore we have our ITT site available in English,
German, Dutch. Italian and French will be available ASAP.

The Details:

International Transalp Treffen 2007 from 17 until 20 of May in Zams
(Tirol, Austria)

After our last ITT organisation in 2004 in Hogne (Belgium) the Transalp
Club Netherlands has the privilege of hosting another ITT.

To improve accessibility the club has chosen a location somewhere but
the usual countries. This time the event won’t be held in the
Netherlands, Germany or Italy, but in the charming, centrally located,
mountainous setting in beautiful Tirol, Austria.
Those who have travelled throughout Europe will know this region is
heaven on earth for bikers.

A delegation travelled 900 kilometres to Austria to
investigate the area. They ended up in the mountainous province Tirol, in
the picturesque village of Zams (between Imst and Landeck). There they
found hotel “Jaegerhof” owned by the family Erwin Bouvier, and hosted by
Willi and Birgit.

An evening filled with nice and informing conversations with Willi, who
is an ardent Transalp rider himself, followed by a night to test the
beds, made it an easy decision.

We would like to invite all Transalp-, Africa Twin- and Varaderoriders and every remaining “Transalp friends” and other enthusiasts , to visit the International Transalp Treffen in Zams from Thursday the May 17 up to the May 20, 2007, to take part in an exhilarating ITT 2007. So, two weeks previous to the Varadero International Meeting VIM in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland ( where Transalp riders are also
kindly invited.

Hotel Jaegerhof is 4 star accommodation with 60 rooms in total, each
with toilet and a shower or bath. Take a look around at
Budget travellers are accommodated for also!

Next to the Hotel there is a alpine pasture which will be converted into
a campingground for the occasion. Campers get full access to all hotel
facilities, not only to the showers and toilets near the pool, but also
to the swimming pool, the sauna and fitness center.

For a small compensation there’s even the luxury of a massage or
treatment in the beauty salon.

The hotels as well as the camping facilities are of refined quality for
a reasonable price.
The hotel also features a large and comfortable lounge to enjoy a good
beer. What else does a biker need?

The routes?, I hear you think!As stated Willi, the host is a passionate
biker as well and has plotted the following routes for us:

The Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse Route (160 km)
The Lechtal Route (280 km )
The Timmelsjoch-Meran Route (260 km)
The Levigno Route (150 km)
The Kuntaler Gletscher Route (100 km)
The Switzerland - Liechtenstein Route (280 km)
A local road service has been chartered to assist, for those that may
need service on route.

The programme:
Thursday may 17th 2007

Arrival in Zams from 15:00
Dinner (included)
A pleasant evening together in the hotel lounge.

Friday may 18th 2007

Breakfast (included)

Riding one (or more) of the planned routes, all will be fully on road.
If the ranger allows it there may be an off road opportunity, but this
will be decided on he day, we have no influence!

Still sore from the trip on Thursday?
Go rafting! 29 euro pp. (15 persons minimum)

In the evening there will be a BBQ with music, a dance anyone? The food
is included but the drinks are not.

Saturday may 19th 2007

The chef shall prepare us another breakfast

There will be an opportunity to lose last nights hangover in the pool or
beauty salon!

The Kuntaler Gletscher Route is planned for today. No spikes needed. We
will lunch on the glacier, a really special location.

By dinnertime we should all be back at the hotel, and a buffet will be
Followed by another evening of music.

Sunday may 20th 2007

The day will start of with breakfast as usual.

Those interested can ride another route.

And for others there is a hike to those spots not accessible by bike.
This walk takes us, during several hours, through a landscape not
reachable by motorbike. A guide tells us about the flora and fauna and a
number of wild herbs can be gathered.

After all that we’ll say goodbye to all our international Transalp
friends, and make arrangements for the next ITT in 2008.

The price tag of this ITT, considering location, accommodation, and
activities, is a bargain:

Hotel guests: 135 euro a head
Campers: 100 euro a head

But remember, there are only 60 rooms and 50 campplaces available for
all the bikers. Payment will direct the distribution of the room!

See you in Austria!

The ITT2007 organizing team

Bernard Two Plugs, NL,
Hoofd Toercommissie - General Members Board
Transalp & Varadero & Africa twin Club Nederland
XL1000V ABS / XLV750R / XL600V Transalp

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Just a brief reminder...

We already have listed participants from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We are also expecting participants from the Spanish and French Transalpforum and from both and ; so it will be a real International Transalp Rally!

But please be aware, subscribe before the rooms are all booked!
We will give our best efforts to provide all participants with good foods, entertainment, some nice ride-outs and a friendly atmosphere amongst other International Transalp Raiders!

And please notice, you are also welcome on your Varadero and Africa Twin!

Bernard 'Two Plugs'
General Members Board

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I am sorry to inform you that we currently have run out of all our hotelrooms. There is space however at the campsite, you have to pitch up your own tent, however...

I do feel a bid sorry that there is only one UK transalp rider among the largest and most important international Transalprally on this planet... :(


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We just returned from a 2.650 km trip to the 15th International Transalp Treffen in Zams, Austria.

And for every one who was not able to be there...: You really have been missing a phantastic meeting. Over 160 participants from 9 different nations: Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK participated to this years event.

And what about next year? Well, it looks to get even more exciting, because ITT 2008 will be held in the beautiful village of Parga... Greece!

I will be posting any updates ASAP, keep visiting for a photo update, we are working to get the gallery online ASAP.

CU next year, or in 2 weeks at in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland!

PS Phil: nice meeting you, CU back in Greece next year!

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Hi, just to follow Bernard's comments.

The 2007 ITT in Austria was without doubt a superb event, a beautiful location, fantastic venue with good facilities, lots of interesting events and entertainment, which was extremely well organised.

And lastly but by no means least was the company & friendlyness of ALL of the participents, many friendships have been formed over the weekend and a good time was had by all.

A few beers' & bikes' does wonders to break international barriers!

Next year Greece! It is a long way from the UK, hardly do-able in 2 weeks but I will do everything possible to be there, you all have plenty of notice for what could be the trip of a lifetime.

Many thank's to all of the Netherlands Transalp club for making this such a fantastic event. :-D


PS, Bernard, I will post a report in due course, (I only returned home at 11.30 last (Sat) night!!!)

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PS, Bernard, I will post a report in due course, (I only returned home at 11.30 last (Sat) night!!!)

well returned to house Philip,
all have remained admired by your cleverness, gentleness and technical ability. While you were crossing Europe, we have put some photos and a 24 min. ITT 2007 video on this link of mine: 2007/index.html

Here photos of "Ricciolo" (curl) Pietro:

/ /\/\_\/\
/ / GiampAlp - Trieste, Italy
/_/ TA '00 red

Giampaolo & Angie
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