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Well, I wanted to fit my old topcase (XL125V times, 2005) on my new XL700V (until the OEM 45 lt topbox is funded :) ).
Wanting to avoid the aftermarket plates due to cost (starting from € 40,00) and mainly aesthetics (they place the topcase 10 - 20 mm above the rear carrier), here's my DIY solution...

You will need:
  1. 2 M8 X 50 mm bolts
  2. 6 M8 spacers (2 mm thick)
  3. 2 M8 flanged washers
  4. 100 mm of steel tube, 10mm diameter
  5. Rubber tape
Cost: around € 3,00

So, here we go:

First of all you need to remove the rear carrier from your bike.
It's easy to do, so no photos are needed.

Drill two new holes in the plate as shown in the picture:

Cut two pieces of steel tube (spacers), 12 mm in length (not more, not less ;) ).

Position the spacers and rubber tape as shown below:

Secure the two OEM bolts with the flanged washers in the lower end (according to photo above, rearmost on the bike) holes. Use the new M8 X 50 mm bolts to remount the rear carrier to your motorbike. This way the topcase plate is actually bolted to the subframe, adding stability.

The final result is something like this:

The topcase has been cleaned since the photos were taken :D ...
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