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Just thought I'd post up some thoughts on the above charger. It's a compact gizmo built around a DIN plug that enables you to charge two USB gadgets simultaneously. It's voltage sensitive so switches itself off when the input voltage drops below a predetermined number, designed to protect battery drain if left plugged in

Reality check: If you're running an older bike like the TA 600 or AT650, you may well have upgraded the headlamp with higher wattage bulb, your 20 odd year old wiring may be a tad more resistive than spanking new stranded copper cabling....the stator may be getting a bit reluctant and long in the tooth...

Trying to power my satnav (Tomtom Go 920) with the Headlamp on dipped beam (55W Phillips Halogen) meant that the Optimate charger kept switching itself into 'low voltage detection' mode...

My battery is healthy, the cabling to my DIN socket is up to spec and comes direct from said battery, the DIN socket is a good quality Hella and my stator output is as good as the the day it left the factory (according to my multimeter)......

So in conclusion...the Optimate dual USB charger works, but isn't all that when it comes to continuous charging demands...which kind of defeats the purpose.

I suspect it would be a great bit of kit on a newer bike with higher alternator output, but for us oldies, it's a B- in my opinion.....OK but could do better

On darker days, in an unfamiliar location, you may even find yourself having to choose between power for the satnav or power for the headlight....not a great option.
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