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Started to change the output shaft on my 700 XL.
All the bolts holding the chrome heat shields and the painted heat shields were sized in so that took me around 4 hours to do,
I’m a slow worker, drill out re-tap the holes and order new bolts.


The rest went as I expected it to no real drama at all, the only thing was I had to order a flywheel puller to remove the flywheel,
so that took a few days I’m also waiting for a dremel tool set so I can clean and paint the engine, anyone know the correct paint
for the job or at least a close second, also the paint for the frame.



At least the shaft is out I just need to order the new one (HOW MUCH) oil seals and a few other bits as well.


Does anyone know where I can get piston rings as Honda ones are silly money, there’s nothing wrong with the originals but when it’s this far down I might as well, I’ll be lapping the valves in as well.
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