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A mate and I intend to ride down to the Pamplona bull running festival this year.

He has a week off so we may just come back, but if anyone else is heading to the Stella, my plan would be to then ride the Pyranees and Andorra and on to the Alps.

I might then head up to Paris for Bastille day partying.

The schedule, as far as one exists, is:
2 July, depart Portsmouth on a ferry about 10pm, ride though France to my mate's family place near Dax.
4 July ceberate US independence day (well we finally got rid of them, didn't we?)
5 July into the Pyranees and get to Pamplona by 6 July for first Bull run on 7 July. Stay until 9th july and then either head back home or across the Pyranees to Italy, arriving at Bardonechia Saturday evening, ready for the Sunday Stella (11th).
Bastille day is 14 July.

Anyone interested? Anyone going to the Stella anyway?

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Oooooooohhh Chris,

wouldn't I just love to do this but I am 'el skinto' so it looks like no euro trip for me this year.

Hmmmmmmmm, if I sold my 640 that would pay for the trip :teeth:

I'll do some thinking

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