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It was the usually silly Sunday morning get up time for the green lanes. Dragged the bike out of the garage topped the oil tank up messed around for ages like normal putting the kit on. The ride up the A1 was boring and cold sitting at 70 mph after a few miles the old 2 stroke Can-am started to complain with little rough running i slowed down to 60 mph it sounded much happier.

We agreed to meet at a local petrol soon after Carl turned up on his XR600R and Aidan on a 250 Gasgas we set off from Peterborough to the local lanes from then on with Carl leading the way i have no idea where we went. It was a good mix of lanes from gravel and paved sections to one bit with a few real nasty deep ruts hidden in long grass. One section was mostly been blocked with overgrown trees and looked like it would turn into a real deep bog in the winter. It looked like the farmer had rerouted the byway down the side of his field.

It was Aidan’s first time green laning he had just got himself a GasGas 250 he did a superb job and soon got used to it. He only dumped it once on a difficult section i think that was good going for the first day out.

I will let the photos show what we got up to.

Green laning 11 October 09 - a set on Flickr

Also a video of a ford we came across. I ended up with both front pockets full of water.

After we had finished the lanes for the day i headed back down the A1. Cruising along minding my own business i head a rattling noise on the bike didn’t think much of it at the time. After a few miles still rattling i start have a look around to my horror i see the top yoke nut unwinding it self with the vibrations it was still on by a couple of threads i screw it finger tight and look for somewhere to pull over. Not really wanting to stop on the side of the A1 i pulled in at the first lay-by it was hugh looked like part of the old A1 road. I pull over away from the parked cars and drag the tools out of the ammo box. Started having a poke around the bearing locknut was still tight under the top yoke so i slackened all the top yoke bolts did up the top nut and tightened everything all was looking good. While i was doing this a car pulled few yards behind me after a while the driver got out walked over start talking about the can-am it was quite apparent the he knew naff all about bikes. He then asked me “What i was into” at first i couldn’t work out what he was on about. Once i figured what he was after i soon made my views clear using a collection of swearwords and a threat of ultra violence he soon ran off to his car. I got my tools packed away on riding out of the lay by i worked out nearly all the car parked up were single middle aged men. I’m sure most of you could guess what goes on here on a Sunday afternoon.


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