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I'm planning a rear shock rebuild next month to be done by KTECH, so i decided to change all suspension linkage bearings and seal and to fit grease nipples to the bike linkages (for some reason Honda stopped doing it after 1996), also going to change swing arm bearings and seals and fit grease nipples when they shock is away being rebuilt. So decided to get the required bits together before i send the shock away to reduce the bikes downtime>

I e-mail xrstuff for prices they just got back to me today:-
suspension linkage kit £71
swingarm kit £59

But on friday i ordered them from offroad only

Suspension linkage kit £64.37 (inc postage £6)
swingarm kit £43.71

The kits from offroad only are alls balls it will be interesting to see what quality of the bearings are compared to SKF or NSF bearings. But once they turn up i'll know the HK number and can write them in the manual as i can get them from a works supplier cheaper then when required again

Perhaps xrstuff are supplying genuine parts, or are they feeling the pinch abit?? but i've always found them ok in the past
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