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I own 2x 1989 RD02 Dommies - one is an off-road Jap assembled bike with kick & elec boot, the other is an immaculate Italian import which is similar but elec start only. :D

On the import I have been having trouble starting it. This is what's occurred:

Bike stood for ~3 months
Battery was weak, so jumped from car (carefully)
Turns over no probs, puffing from exhaust
Not too much choke but exhaust smells a bit "fuelly"
Drained float bowl, ran some fuel out
Tank is about 2/3 full of Supermarket unleaded :(
Fitted spare spark plug to HT lead, earthed on frame, good spark
Stood around and scratched head

Bike will not start, so I pulled tank off and planned to replace plug.

I have no plug spanner and WE Moto list it as an 18mm - can someone confirm? I was sure my spare Dommie spark plugs were a 21mm socket.

A confirmation on the length of the OEM spanner would be good. I am considering a workshop plug spanner with a t-bar handle, but they are all 70mm long and the plug is deep in the RVFC head.

Thanks a lot. Any tips / tricks welcome.

(Plan is to tune one bike for the dirt / desert and ride the other. I some SRC components from an XR650L, an Arrow PD pipe and I'm planning to add some FMF headers. I also have an open snorkle, smog blockoff and a K&N. The shock and forks of the 'dirt' bike have also been tuned for off-road).

I read on an Aussie forum ages ago that an XL600M shock bolts straight into the NX, but is an inch or two longer - anyone have access to a breakers to confirm this??

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The plug socket is indeed 18mm and needs to reach approximately 110 - 120mm into the head recess to access the plug.


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