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Anyone having challenges buying tyres from Pneus from their French/UK web site? I placed an order for two Conti-Escape tyres for my Transalp and their Third Man Security system rejected the purchase order AFTER accepting payment for the tyres. I am a bona-fide world purchaser of goods and services and became bemused by this rejection to supply. After Card one 'failed' I tried Card two and it also 'failed' thier security check. I now phoned both card companies (VISA and HSBC) and they both checked my accounts which were in order. I also obtained the two Authorisation Codes which I, in turn, sent to Pneus Client Services. I suspect that the Pneus on-line system has a software glithch which is not waiting for the authorisation code (Authorisation Code time-out ACK is too short).

So far I have not got to the bottom of this. Has anyone else experienced this with Pneus? Saturday's rugby game should sort this all out!!

Au revoir,
PS - Tyres seem to be cheapest around.
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