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Due to me making a big mistake and going to look at a KTM 990 I am pretty sure I am going to be selling my Varadero. In fact if you offer to buy this you will probably just make my mind up:

2007 07 plate Black Varadero 1000 VA7 EFI, ABS, 14,000 miles, good condition, loads of sensible extras and upgrades £5,000 for the lot....serious offers considered

From the front:
* MRA Touring Screen (fitted), plus a standard screen, a cut down standard sreen (excellent) and a massive Givi touring screen.
* A renthal bar brace
* 25mm bar raisers with stainless steel bolts and cappings
* Accessory power socket
* Honda heated grips
* Givi crash bars
* Centre Stand
* Scotoiler, plus home made touring reservoir hidden under the seat - good for about 3,000 miles
* Hepco and Becker QD pannier frames. These are excellent and take about 30 seconds to fit.
* Transenduro 41 litre aluminium panniers with pucks to fit the H&B frames. These are enamelled black inside and out - no ally oxide probelms.
* set of 4 key matched padlocks for the panniers
* Africa Twin sumpguard fitted. Plus original sump guard
* Unfitted Givi plate to allow fitment of top box (no box though)

* Conti road attack tyres fitted about 4,000miles ago. Front has loads left back has squared off but still ha 3-4mm left. It was the longest day that did the squaring off.
* all the original documentation is available
* I did the 4, 8, and 12,000 mile services myself....
* ....the rear brake pads were changed at the 8K service
* ....there is an axle set of front brake pads
* ....and a K&N air filter was fitted at the 12k service.
* Taxed to end July 09 (I think) and an MOT is not due until August 2010:D

* The reg/rec was replaced by Honda under warranty about 3 months ago. Otherwise its been faultless.

I think that's about all I think off to say about it

Its a lot of bike and a lot of extras for the money, still under the remains of the Honda 2 year warranty (to August 2009). I will even deliver it to within say 100miles of Lancaster.

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Poor Vara, thats TWICE now he's been kicked out to make way for a 990 :(. He's gonna start developing a complex.....:rolleyes:

Anyone wanna buy my Alp for £4000 so I can buy it :D :D :D

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I reckon there is about £1,000+ worth of extras on this bike......

Here's a link to the Transenduro panniers web site ...... £350 plus a fitting kit.

and to the H&B pannier frames and a picture £160.

and the centre stand ..... and £120

and the MRA screen
and £85

Givi crash bars £90
Givi screen £75
Heated grips £150
12v accessory socket £25
'bar bridge £25
Scotoiler £75
Home made scotoil touring kit - £priceless
AT Sumpguard ££ priceless+ & looks well 'ard.

and its all fitted for you!:thumbright:
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