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Hi All

I’m currently on with my RD 07 a rebuild and I’m after the following parts-

Front hub
Pair of new wheels with gold rims and stainless steel spikes (I may be buying new)
Belly pan needs to be undamed but finish not important
Good condition handle bars
Front bash bars
Aftermarket rear shocker (upgrade from standard)
Updated front fork springs
Good condition standard screen
Front mudguard again must be in good condition

I have for sale swap the following-

Well used belly pan
Pair of decent wheels with tyres (I will only let these go when I get a front hub or set of wheels)
Black nose fairing, damaged and stuck back together
Black right hand fairing fair condition
Slightly marked standard screen
Rear wheel with corroded rim
2 sets of tatty hand guards
A set of painted black fork protectors
A pair of tatty pannier bars, need painting
Front sprocket nearly new (100 mile max)
Rear sprocket nearly new as above
Compleat air box with rubbers

Pm me if your interested in any of the parts or have any you want to move on

I can send photos of any of the items



Picture of bike prior to strip down


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Did you manage to get a mudguard? I think I have a painted black one somewhere. Can't quite remember how good a condition it is but can have a look...

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Hi, do you still have the air box and rubbers? Thanks.
Still got an airbox but it damaged, I ended up making one good air box out of two, I may have some rubbers but will have to have a route

If you want to pop over to Mirfield you can have a look at the parts and take them with you if they are any good, got all sorts of bits and bats
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