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Hi guys.

I'm having a weird issue with the bike not running smoothly. On idle it pops a somewhat louder sound intermittently, and when riding at a steady pace at low speeds the running is not steady and at high speeds it intermittently almost like stalls for a half a second, somewhat like stepping on the rear brake a bit. Also it's losing power on higher rpm.

I've traced the issue to the rear cylinder getting too much fuel or bad spark. The front spark plugs seem fine but rear plugs are all black and sooty (not oily).

Here's what I've done already with no effect on the symptoms:
  • fuel filter bypassed momentarily
  • fuel pump bypassed momentarily
  • Air filter removed momentarily
  • Fuel lines seem to be OK with no kinks or obstructions
  • Carbs:
    • First, a comprehensive clean
      • Floats seem to move fine
    • Second, vacuum pistons and seals replaced (one seal was a bit tired and worn looking) (new)
    • Third, rebuild kit with jets, main and pilot, pilot adjustment screws, springs and washers, and the float valves with seats (new)
    • pilot adjustment set to OEM
    • None of these had any effect
  • Spark plugs replaced (new)
  • Ignition coils and spark plug wires replaced. Not to new ones, but to a different set from a parts bike.
  • CDI unit replaced (new)
  • Valve clearances adjusted to tolerance
  • Signal generators read the same amount of resistance on both cylinders
Has anyone battled it out with these kind of issues and come out on top?

I'm running out of ideas and so are the mechanics I have used as phone consultants over the weeks.

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