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Greeting from Austria!

Since i saw many Twins with rear tanks in this forum, i got to ask you a few questions.
Short story: I bought a modified RD07 1995 last year which needed some love, stripped it this winter, removed everything the previous owner built, checked and overhauled pretty much everything except the engine, made new mounts for the tanks, new rear lights and fender, etc.,

I mounted the rear tanks as near to the frame as i could, CDI, coolant tank, fuel pump relay got moved, removed unneeded brackets on the frame.
The rear tanks are probably from AfricanQueens, they look like the tanks they are using on the 840 Rally Forte.

My problem: when the rear swingarm moves upwards, it collides with the fuelline of the right tank.
I already added a plastic plate the protect the fuelline of the left tank from the chain, could do the same on the right side, but i'm not really happy with the solution. Especially on the right side with the exhaust nearby.

Could you give some me insight how others solve this? Simply mount the tanks wider apart would be possible, but i don't want the rear to get too wide.

Regards Tom


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