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Hello everyone,

For a while now I have been chasing a running fault with my 93 rd07. When I open the throttle wide at a standstill or moving, the bike will climb to approx 5k revs, then start to misfire, sounding almost like its bouncinng off the rev limiter. If I open the throttle and keep it half open or less, the bike will rev up all the way to red line without issue.

During the course of my investigations, I have found the carb to head rubber were not sealing properly. So I fitted new rubbers, stripped, ultrasonic cleaned the carb and rebuilt with fresh gaskets and jets. Its also had a new genuine air filter fitted. I've checked the plugs, all have good spark, also all showing signs of running rich. Coils and HT leads all checked, against data in the haynes manual of lies, however its the only refence I have, all found to be good.

The only thinngs I have found amiss, at least going against what the haynes manual says, are the following two things.

The manual claims that when checking the pulse generator coils, that should any connection on the pulse generator coils go to earth, then they are faulty. Well both the green and white wires go to earth. On the wiring diagram they would lead to the CDI unit. So if the manual is right, and both pulse generator coils are duff, would I have any spark at all?

Secondly, checking the regulator rectifier unit, the values that I was getting were much much higher than what was in the manual, values in the region of 140k ohms instead of 10k ohms, and 1.4m ohms on one reading.

So if anyone has any knowledge on how to test the regulator in a different manner, as I dont fully trust the haynes manual.

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