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Hi everyone,
I have finally acquired an AT here in Australia, as they were never sold here. It is a '97 RD07a.
I am hoping to restore it, and customize it to be at least aesthetically more like the 1987 Cyril Neveu Dakar winning NXR, which IMO is one of the coolest ever looking bikes.
The front fairing plastics on the bike are wrecked anyway, so I will be trying to possibly make my own to fit, and make the bike look more like I want it to.

Anyway watch this space, hopefully it will be at least entertaining to watch me try 馃槀
The bike is in pretty poor condition to say the least, so hopefully I can get the parts I need etc. and get started on the resto when time allows.

here are some pics as purchased. It was a 2,500km (~1500 mile) round trip to pick it up!










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That's how you start a restoration! You take the "before" pictures first! Doh! :)
I just started disassembling mine and took the body panels off this weekend. Man, I wish I had a garage like yours. My biggest problem is tripping over stuff. That'll be why I've no pictures (apart from ones of cables. :) )
The bike looks good. I'm looking forward tot he progress. good luck mate! (y)

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Great to see another resto job being done Down Under. I started mine in 2012 and began a rebuild thread in this forum. I had never rebuilt a bike before and thoroughly enjoyed the process. Learnt so much.

Looks like you got a lot of work in front of you but that only means you'll get a greater sense of achievement when finished ;).

Many (if not most) parts are still available but only from overseas. What I learnt about where to source parts...
  • (y) Rugged Roads (extremely helpful)
  • (y) Inmates from here (although it's a lot quieter since the CRF was released)
  • (y) Hamart
  • (y) Ebay Germany (and some other Euro Ebay sites)
  • (n)(n) Termoli parts (sent me unusable broken plastics which were advertised as perfect used; refused to refund)
  • (n) Honda Australia (XRV specific parts are not in their Oz ordering system; would not attempt to source them from Japan or elsewhere)
What city are you in? Is your bike from WA?

Happy to discuss or assist online or offline.

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Thanks for the well wishes, and advice guys.
I picked the bike up from Adelaide, Imported from the UK I believe. Though I think it's been all over by the look of it, and from what the previous owner could tell me, it has been well used.
I have dug a little deeper and only found more work to be done :)
That's OK though I like a challenge 馃憤. The pics can do the talking:




Anyone after a heavily used radiator?馃槀

Slight fuel leak here (and everywhere)

Found out why it was barely running... Chokes were solid with rust, and then have been pulled to the point where the cable had broken on one carb.


Carbs off and starting to pull them apart, to see what to add the parts order list.

More stubborn bits. pretty standard

Will need to get quite a few bits and pieces. The top of the chain guide has been glued on, as the rest is long gone.

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I've heard the front sprocket/shaft is a weak point for the AT's, but I could never let it get this bad!

And as expected, a new countershaft is added to the list.

Also a new sprocket retainer, as this one is now retaining precisely nothing.


How it should look, complete with teeth...

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Nice to see another one getting pulled back from the brink, just replaced the gearbox output shaft and wheels on my 1996 RD07, also done some suspension work and cosmetic makeover. Shaft on mine wasn't nearly as bad as yours, good luck with the resto. 20200317_170646_1.jpg

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Wow. You don't hang about, do you mate? :)

Awesome job there in such a short time. Mine is still all in one piece. Only plastics and rear-end off so far. That is obviously down to you having such a great workshop and nothing to do with my lazines (and a 9-5 job :) )

Countershaft wear - it is down to the sprockets. OEM sprockets are made of softer material so the sprocket wears out, not the shaft. Your one looks like JT (aftermarket) and it likely contributed tot he wear. Do yourself a favour and get a Honda one when you're done rebuilding. [Which will be in about 3 days, the way you are going... :) ] BTW, how easy is it to get a countershaft these days?

Great pictures too. Really enjoying the thread. Thank you.

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Thanks Abraxas, haha i have a bit of time off work at the moment so i can really get stuck in, its always quick and easy stripping the parts off, won't be so quick putting it back together! (Hopefully it is though ;))

Not sure about the oem countershaft yet, i think they all out of stock now, but i have read there is a replacement shaft for a different model that fits and is only very slightly different (maybe a touch longer?) I'll have a look and hopefully get something ordered along with a heap of other parts very soon

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Well, you inspired me to get off my ar*e and do something about the bike, so the stripdown is about half-way done. Wheels off, got the rear end completely stripped and cleaned, and tank/battery off, brakes and footpegs off / forks out and everything cleaned and put into bags and boxes. Still fretting a bit about getting fluids out and taking carbs off. It's my first ever full rebuild so going through "Damn, no way I'll ever be able to put this back together..." every so often.
So far, most things seem not too bad, although my radiator is in a worse state than I thought so looking at options now. Wonder if anyone tried those Chinese rads that seem to be available on AliExpress for reasonably cheap....
Frame really needs sorted as it is quite rusty. The previous owner may well have been a lover and/or a dancer, but certainly not a cleaner. :) Seems to have had an unhealthy obsession with waxoyl too. Since he also fitted a scottolier, so there's s**t everywhere. And I mean like an inch of it. Some areas got pretty well protected because of it, but others did not and taking it! He is/used to be of this parish so I'll keep the swearing and cursing him to my garage. :)

Fair point about the countershaft.. I remember reading somewhere about a countershaft that is almost identical. Seems that Rugged Roads sells a countershaft that fits. OEM Honda Countershaft - RD04/07/07A (1992 - 2003)
Not too bad price-wise, but I'd be sh***n' bricks having to pull the engine apart. Thankfully mine always had OEM sprockets so it is in really good nick.

Keep up the good work. We love the pics and stories of rebuilds. :)

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Yes, that's the countershaft I was looking at, looks like it's a bit longer on the sprocket end than the original but otherwise identical.

Good to hear you're getting stuck in to your rebuild!
Don't worry yourself mate, the trick is to take HEAPS of pictures, even if you are sure that you would remember without the pics.
Also as you said, bag and label everything as you remove parts. Then be patient when putting things back together, never rush.
If you do this you can't really go wrong, especially with a workshop manual, and this forum as a guide!

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You really got your work cut out for you something i was hoping to do to mine at some point. At the moment i'm dreading the thought of checking the valve clearance I've planned for tomorrow, I just want to flush the cooling system after that and that will be it for the next 10 years i think :)
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Got my parts back from the powder coaters today, quite a difference...



Now to dismantle the engine, so I can send as many fasteners/brackets etc. as possible off to be re-plated, and see what parts I may need to order.


A fair amount of carbon build up on the piston tops as expected, most likely as a result of running very rich due to the seized choke plungers.
Otherwise in very good condition, and measure within spec, they'll clean up nice.

Aside from a couple of rusted & seized case locating dowel pins, which made it difficult to separate, the bottom end is in excellent condition. All bearings, gears, seals etc are in great shape, almost as new. Its a shame to have to split the cases really, but the counter shaft is one of the first parts to install when re-assembling, so it has to be done.

Just a few bearings to be pressed out now. Everything else is bagged and labelled ready to be re-assembled, or cleaned up, or replaced where needed.

And here is the very well used counter shaft.

Now I can get a more accurate list of the parts i need to order, and organize all the bolts/brackets/clips etc. to be plated and send them off.

btw, sorry for the huge pics, I am just dropping them into the text box as I go, not sure if this is the only way to add them?

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Nice Job AussieTwin! The big pics are great actually.

The powdercoating really turned out nice. I was glad I did that also to my bike. Good luck and keep the updates coming.
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