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Hi list,

I am brand new to the forum but have been around bikes for many years. I always wanted a Transalp but they are a bit hard to come by in the States. I am on assignment right now in Germany and will be here until June. I was delighted to find a reasonably priced Transalp here (1989) and have been riding it all over (including riding the Alps!).

I want to take the bike back to the States when I leave in June of next year but wanted to a rear disc brake conversion first. I have located a swing arm, frame, and all the brake components. The only thing left I need is a rear wheel that will accept a disc. I know the Africa Twin is a direct replacement and of course a post 1991 TA, but what about the Dominator or the Vigor? The local bike shop has both reasonably priced and they sure look like they will fit. I have searched the Net a lot and found one post that said a Dominator wheel will fit and one that said it would not. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks for your help.

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