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What started off as a quite easy task... I live in Weston super Mare and i had mail ordered 2 new Tkc 80 for my Dommie from delivered to me at a cost of £129.25 best deal around from the research i did and thought instead of ripping my knuckles out changing them myself id get em done local and save myself some grief so i left my house and had a route in mind taking in all the tyre Service centres local to me by distance first...

1st stop, Morses Motorcycles in Weston were good and told me, sorry workshop is flat out so couldnt do it for me there and then but maybe ring later and see if i can get a booking, fair enough and didnt mess me about.

2nd ATS Euromaster, dont do bikes

3rd Formula 1st Mot Centre, could do it but their bike guy was busy till Monday, fair enough

4th Winterstoke Tyre & Exhaust Specialists, Didnt do it, kind of, but offered if i took off the wheel they would do it with tyre irons, at least an offer, but it was sunny and i wanted to drop it off so i could find a pub n have a swift one and sit in the sun, so top marks for effort and a nice guy i spoke to

5th National Tyre and Autocare, didnt do it, but said next door did

6th Protyres (Easyfit) Ltd, they did it sure enough, would take a few hours as their man was just finishing a job, so i asked how much? The Reply... £70:00 plus vat so just short of £100:00 and i laughed and said "No Thanks Mate, Id rather do them myself." and walked out now to me that is just nasty, if you dont want to do them, dont do them dont go and rip off bikers who are just starting out and wouldnt know any different, Thats just nasty!

7th Wyvern Motorcycles, This many moons ago was a Honda Dealer, i have heard a few mixed things about this place so its always been a last resort place id go to if the places i buy bike parts n such dont have them, Gone inside and the guys that were around when it was a Honda dealer are still there, ive never seen anyone working in there under 60 so that should mean knowledge, but customer service was poor to start, the shop assistant(very old guy) was on the phone and instead of the, "one second... I'll be right with you after this call" type of thing, he just glared at me, so i waited n waited, when he had finsished his call, i asked "do they fit tyres? and can you do them today?" very short reply "yes but we cant do them today, we cant just drop everything to do tyres". So im kinda on the backfoot thinking what an arse, so i go in with the "all i want is to drop my bike off and come back in maybe a few hours... Like a Tyre Centre" and the reply i got was, "well thats not how we do thing" now im thinking... Hhhmm no wonder your an Ex Honda Dealer, the general idea was,he basically wanted me to drop my bike off and come back in Three Days!, lol i just dont think he got it, i know they are old guys in there, but it dont take that long, i had to laugh n say no thats not happening, bye bye now

8th Kwik Fit, Didnt do them, dont have the equipment, fair enough.

9th Halfords Autocentre, Didnt do them, fair enough.

10th Bridge Motor Services Weston super Mare, now ive wanted to use this guys services a few times and he is highly recommended to me, by local bikers and as a consequence is normally fully booked and rammed out busy, so thought on the off chance he might be able to squeeze me in, fingers crossed and all that, but being a Friday afternoon all he could do for me is give me five minutes. He said if he could have fitted me in, it would be maybe an hour at most and about £40:00 but just couldn't fit me and we talked about my experiences so far that day and he said "hang on, ill ring a friend" he came back and said, Good news, if you can get to, my friends place he can fit you in... Result!... So although Bridge Motor Services couldnt fit me in, he was a top man and passed me onto another proper old skool bike shop that could, which was in Burnham a lil drive away but it was a certified thing, so off i blasted. :thumbup:

11th Dog Motorcycles in Burnham on Sea, got there and yep, proper old skool bike workshop, Kevin was a top man, no fuss hardly spoke a word but said, "give me an hour and it'll be done" love the style, no messing to the point, price £40:00 so off i walked to the sea front for a swift one and a couple of hot dogs took a slow walk back, just to arrive as the last bits were being tightened, Result! :thumbup:

Gotta Love Old Skool bike shops n workshops maybe not out dated like Wyverns, lol...

Bridge Motor Services and Dog Motorcycles will be used next time i either dont have the time but have the money or i the lack of tools that stops me doing a job that i want done, like yesterday, lol

Add your recommended local, to me lol people here.

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Good result in the end and thanks for posting - could imagine your frustration

TKCs are one of the softer tyre wall brands - there are mnay links to instructional youtube vids - the key is getting the opposite side of the tyre rim into the wheel well (where the spokes are), that makes levering the side nearest to you with the tyre levers much easier as the pressure has reduced and you are not trying to increase the circumference of the tyre rim

If you are on the road most of the time it's an inconvenience waiting to get recovered / repaired in the event of a puncture. If you're off road it's essential that you can repair a puncture as you may not be recoverable. Needless to say, if you have not got any repair kit on the bike with you, you're stuffed anyway

The HUBB usually has tyre / puncture repair demonstrations all weekend - be good if you could get along to it

I too had the skinned knuckles until I found the easy (easier) way of changing tyres. That said, there are tyre brands with extremely stiff sidewalls and are nigh on impossible to do the rear especially if an oversize tyre has been fitted to the rim (i.e. a 150 when it should be a 130!!). All food for thought depending on what and how you ride and where you are going.
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