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I bought this set to replace my old Hein Gericke gear that had worn out earlier this year. I got it from but instead of doing it online I phoned them up and got myself in effect an additional 10% off for buying the two together.

Having just returned from the Vosges Mountains by way of the B500 in the Black Forrest, this suit is spot on and I would recommend them to anyone, the Trousers have 3 sections, a thermal inner layer, which obviously never came and then a waterproof layer that was zipped out an put in the panniers finally the outer layer which is a funky silver/grey. like the jacket it has special sections where you can unzip the outer layer and fold it into a compartment inside, just leaving a fully vented section.

The Jacket is a two part jacket with a thermal layer and a combined outer and waterproof layer, again it is full of vents that can open up including ones that run the full length of each arm, two on the back and two on the shoulders but the main ones are two large sections that unzip and fold into a compartment at either side, leaving the chest area almost fully vented.

The temperatures we were riding in meant this suit was perfect and as close to riding with a tee shirt and body armour.

If you are looking for new gear you cannot go far wrong with this lot.
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