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Just bought my first set of Rukka after 7years of Spidi. This time I managed to get some good advice in the shop and tried on from lower range and up. Ended up with a Rukka Basti set in strech cordura and including all the D3O protectors, also on the back. Kevlar strengtening on exposed knuckle parts. Just in case somemone is my size and have no clue on sizing, here are my measurements and sizes, You can check this against this site Size chart – Rukka to get a feel of the ballpark sizing.

Male, 187cm height, Slim build, Chest 101cm, Belly 95cm, Arm 91cm, Hip 96cm, Inseam 93cm
Ended up with jacket size H52 and pants H50-C3(length). Excellent fit and comfy too.
A few more pints at uni and a bit more active i sports i believe 52 is more suitable for the throusers.

A must try for anyone considering new suit. See they sell at too..

Enjoy the summer!
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