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Please see the following and respond if you can. These lanes are slap bang in the middle of quite a few runs across the Plain.
Dear Members and past Members we need your support,

Wiltshire CC propose to close a number of BOATS around Stonehenge to motorised vehicles, notices have been posted and we have the opportunity to influence the determination of the order by overturning it or having it modified in some way that is less restrictive. This email is to ask for your support in lodging and objection as individuals, and to give you some pointers as to how you might formulate your objection. Your objection should however be in your own words.

Here is the link to the WCC web site if you need more information with all the notices and supporting documentation and attached is one of those documents with a map.

What ever you may have heard in the “consultation” or build up to the notice the ONLY reason given for the TRO for all motorised vehicles is “For preserving or improving the amenities of the area through which the road runs. Bear in mind that this TRO applies to Byways AND a section of the A344 road.

1) So address your objections ONLY to this reason.
2) By all means point out the negative impact it will have on you personally.
3) But do not give time to other reasons given by supporters of the TRO in the consultation – you will be wasting your time

Look at the maps and ask how can the amenity be improved by prohibiting small volumes of passing trail vehicles
You might point out that WCC presents no evidence that banning vehicles will actually improve amenity and have the desired effect
You could point out the insignificance of Byway vehicular use in the context of the volume of traffic on the A303 and the A344 (even after a section of it is closed)
You could agree with the TRO on the A344 enhancing the amenity but that passing trail vehicles on the BOATS have an insignificant impact and they should be separated.
You might agree with the TRO on the BOATS north of the A303 but point out that those to the south are completely unjustifiable
You might like to suggest that the biggest improvement to the amenity without curtailing rights of way might be achieved by restricting parking on sections of the BOATS but allowing through traffic
You might like to point out that a blanket ban on all vehicles on all routes is an overkill and that amenity improvements can be achieved by more selective and creative approach so as not to curtail access rights that WCC has a duty to protect.

The negative impact arguments might be:

Safety – trail bikes in particular being forced onto major trunk roads suggested as alternate routes
Importance of these BOATS as part of a strategic Byway network North/South linking to Salisbury Plain
The Byways and their purpose (ie transport) have an historical value that should also be protected for future generations
Your amenity will be negatively impacted
Your rights will be curtailed

In the absence of a detailed justification of the TRO by WCC you might like to ask for a Public Enquiry

There is further information available on the TBM website


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Jeepers Thanks for that Tony, objection registered along the lines suggested.

I also said:

"I have a photograph of me as a child on the stones at Stonehenge. My children have only ever seen them from a distance. It appears we will soon be keep out of sight of them completely."

I hate councils - they are run by people who could not get a management job anywhere else. Give a man a hat and he become a fascist.:hitler:

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Give a man a hat and he become a fascist.:hitler:

Away you go then...........

I'm Shocked Whealie................

I'm off to work...........:hitler:
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