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Tortillas to Totems

Tortillas to Totems - Sam Manicom : Order your book here....

I was very proud to be asked by Sam to review his latest book "Tortillas to Totems", as I have done for all of his others. It's taken me a few weeks to do this as I don't read particularly fast and I have a busy life so reading is resigned to snatched moments before sleep and the occasional hour here and there. However this book had me stretching my reading slots to the limit. :)

I was looking forward to reading this book. I had really high expectations after reading Sam's last books and I love his writing style. So there was a sense of trepidation with getting the latest book. Would it be as good as his others? Would I have to write a review which said that this book wasn't quite as good as the others? Would the ride from Mexico to Canada have the same stories, adventures and excitement as others? :D

Well the book feels quite weighty and a real chunk with 320 pages cover to cover so it feels like you're getting something that's great value and you won't read in 5 mins. I haven't compared them side to side but it feels thicker than any of the other books in the series from what I can recall.
Chapter 1 had a nice map, so I could see where Sam was going. I like that personally! I'm a very visual person so like to refer back to something like this.
Ok so a great start. :thumbleft:

And the greatness continued.....

Sam is a hugely positive individual... he always see's the best in people and has a zest for life which really comes across in the book. It's actually really therapeutic reading the book after a hard and mad day at work, you can escape with Sam, unwind and join him on his journey as he discovers new things. Sam has a wonderful way of story telling that enables you to put yourself as his riding partner and paints a vivid picture in your mind of where he is and what he's seeing. The experiences come thick and fast and it really amazes me, as it does Sam, generally how kind people are. That really comes across in the book and regenerates your hope for mankind. Perhaps we aren't all setting out to kill each other and could get along??

Sam strikes a good balance by providing just enough relevant historical information so that you can understand the relevance of where he is with a few interesting facts thrown in without it getting too overpowering as I've had in some travel books where I haven't got past Chapter 1.

Oh and as per the other books in the series the pictures included are award winners. Each one. Really really stunning. You just want to look and stare at them and imagine what it must have been like to be there and how it would feel.

When I got to the end I was actually really sad. I was sad that the adventure was at the end. I wanted to read more. I wanted Sam to write more, but his adventure was coming to it's natural end. Or has it??? I'm not sure I for one would love to read of Sam's meanderings around the UK! Let's live in hope.

All in all a stunning and inspiring book, an absolute pleasure and even dare I say it a must read for anyone that would like to escape the humdrum 9-5 life!

If there's any book to go on your Christmas list please do put this one down, you will not be disappointed.

A couple of last comments.
I hadn't really paid much attention before, but Sam couldn't find a publisher for his travel books, so he set about doing it himself. This again is testament to the man, his drive and his determination. As a fellow biker bucking the system Sam needs all of our support. :D

Lastly, as for Sam in his book, he wasn't really sure to reveal this lest he be accused of looking for sympathy I guess, but Sam was in trouble with a kidney disease with resulted in renal failure. But Sam did talk about in his book and I'm really pleased he did because there is a happy ending and a new beginning for Sam. Sam was able to get a kidney transplant. :thumbright: So boys and girls please carry a donor card with you. I have done since my teens. So become a donor now if you aren't and make a difference.
NHSBT - Organ Donation - How to register

Lastly, lastly join Sam at our 2011 XRV National Event in Snowdonia. :blob2:

Sam you are a fantastic inspiration and a great role model.

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I won the complete set in the raffle and am just trying to find time to fit them into my schedule.
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