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Posted on the Dorset TRF site - I sometimes marshall for Enduros with them - can we help them out? - especially the Welsh contingent.
I haven't personally rode the route but I have heard it mentioned several times on the forum.

Thanks - Datsunfan

SARN Helen Roman Road

SARN Helen Roman Road - Your Help Needed

The Green Lane Association (GLASS). TRF and the boys at Llanerchindda Guest House are compiling user evidence to back up claims that SARN Helen should remain open to vehicles to use.

If you drove or rode Sarn Helen (Ordnance Survey MAP 160 grid reference from - SN 879 117 TO SN 925 166 and from SN 925 185 TO SN 961 241) between 16th November 2001 and 16th November 2006 they need to hear from you.

Please contact [email protected] asking for a copy of the form that you will need to fill in.

We need as much evidence of use as possible to help ensure that this fantastic road remains open. Could lose 16km of fantastic riding.

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Everyone who rides trails should fill out these forms, it takes a couple of minutes at the most.

If we lose the right to ride this glorious roman road then it won't be long before Wales will be a no-go area for trail riding.

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