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Sorry its long winded.. but have to warn you all !!

In Early March this year I received an email from a Company called “Complete Savings". Not recognising the name atall I replied telling them to stop sending me unsolicited email.
I then got a reply stating I was “A Member”... Now I have been called “A Member” before in my life
but still no pennies dropped.
To cut a very long story short... I booked a train ticket in 2015 through “The Trainline” website, there was a “click here box” offering £10 discount off ticket price if you took a trial of a “Shopping Incentives scheme”. I didn't click the box.. Definitely didn't..AND there was no £10 discount applied to my booking (Thank Christ I kept The Trainline booking confirmation email) !!. Anyway.. I knew there wouldn't be a discount offered at Bike shops so why would I be interested
After the email from "Complete Savings" stating I was a Member of their scheme.. and checking bank, I found the Buggers had been debiting my account £15 per month... since 2015 !! After contacting Natwest Fraud dept and their help/ a few chasing emails I got my £480 back this week. I am FURIOUS that this company somehow got my Debit Card details out of The Trainline, before anyone thinks I am remisce with my account, in my defence I was suffering with Mental Health problems and not being vigilant with my Bank Account. Also.. the info on bank statement was not under the name "Complete Savings" (company registered in Switzerland I think), they hide under a string of 3 names I found !!
So be warned all.. a web search found others being scammed by same company after ordering items from and I guess it could affect shoppers buying elsewhere too.
PLEASE tell your friends and Family.. if I can save anyone else from being scammed by these Bast###s.. I will die happy !!
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