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Hello everyone,
Along with a friend I will be riding from Alaska to Argentina starting in September. Before we leave however we are organising a day trip out into the Highlands, starting from my home in Aberdeenshire.
The plan is to set off Sat 31st July at around 10am and head over the lecht to loch Garten. We will be at loch Garten for lunch where we will have a bbq and a cuppa, I have a friend who is willing to drive one over and cook us some burgers etc. then take a scenic route home (have not decided yet).
Hopefully a few of you will want to camp as we should have a good few lemonades that night! You are all most welcome to camp on my farm both Friday night and Saturday night, unfortunately I cannot offer shower or toilet (parents house!) ill lend you a spade though.
This should turn out to be a great day out, so far there are about 11 people confirmed.

The bbq and camping will be free, all I ask is that each rider to attend donates £20 on the day which will go to our fundraising effort for our chosen charity the Colin McRae Vision. The Vision will use all money raised by us to help fund a project in scotland. (The exact project has yet to be announced, only that it will be for the healthcare of children)

I know we are not on Honda's but it would be great to meet some of you guys and have a blast out.

I just hope the weather holds up!
So who is interested?


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