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Went along to Rubha Ruadh, Ardnamurchan, on the Friday, just along the road from where I'm working at present.
Weather was sh1t at the beginning of the week, but brightened up on the Thursday and Friday.:thumbup:

I'm working just along from the ferry, had to wave these guys go through my site red lights, otherwise there would be a traffic jam at Ardgour, unbelievable :D

Picture 014.jpg

Picture 013.jpg

Picture 014.jpg

These guys were out for a run on the previous week just prior to the pre 65's

Then last week, I left for the section after work on the friday

Picture 011.jpg
This is the "step" they had to get up, quite funny to see the riders faces as the sussed out the best line. A few uttered some expletives, looks a lot steeper than in the photo.

Picture 012.jpg
This guy was the first up and more or less the only guy to fall off :confused:

Picture 015.jpg

The young lads have it sussed, they were skipping about the rocks like wild goats ;)
Picture 016.jpg

Picture 017.jpg

Picture 018.jpg

Picture 020.jpg

Picture 021.jpg

Picture 022.jpg

That's it for another year guys, I heard the hill was very wet this year, made it all the more remarkable these guys got at least to the end of the fifth day. Well done lads ( and lasses :cool: )

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Cheers John
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