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Yes, sadly :rolleyes: starting uni in Sept so I need to get a more practical form of transport.

1996 XR400R

TAX and MOT run out start of april, it WILL fly through the MOT and tax is only £33

Quite low mileage, cant be exact due to using a cycle speedo when the cable snapped a month ago. (its all about weight :rolleyes:) (i do have many old MOT certificates)

The bike is very highly geared atm as I have been using it to commute to and from work and riding trails.

Stage 2 Hotcam
Mikuni 40mm BST carb fitted
Its had most of the mods done to it, headers ground, top of airbox chopped
I've only run it with fully synthetic bike oil, and changed it regularly (no clutch problems atall!)
Just changed the front pads and rear wheel bearings.

It will be sold with

Exhaust VORTIP
Set of throttle cables
Original carb
Original cam
Original engine guard
Set of 6 genuine honda clutch plates (brand new)
Set of rear brake pads
K&N air filter
A few other spares i.e. spark plug, oil filter

I am looking for £1100 ono

Please feel free to contact me on 07935444243 or [email protected]

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Hi good luck with the sale

I think they will want it posting in the for sale section.

you may need to pay sub's { which are well worth it }
to sell a bike on here.

Stay safe

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