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Today was one of those cold, crisp days with no wind and bright blue skies :sunny: . After digging out the heavy jacket & thick gloves, dropping my Arai on the driveway (FAAAK! :evil: ) I thought today wasn't going to be my day.

I needed an oil filter and usually just call David Silver Spares, but on a day like this I preferred the round trip to my (not so) local Honda dealer - via some twisty Cornish :pirate: lanes (Sorry Dave).

Stopped off at Carne beach, had it all to myself :glasses7: :

City crowds and traffic getting you down?
HA - HA - HUR!!!

There are lots of property conversions in Cornwall. Barns, chapels, schools( :evil: don't agree with that one) 'cos there's so many holiday homes.

But this is my kind of conversion:

Your own pilbox for a study. Just incase the Germans want to have another go. :la: :argue: :violent1: :violent3: :boxing:
Hmmmm? Shall I go for the machine gun or sniper's rifle today???
But we're all friends now :eek:ccasion5: so I suppose you'd just have to spy on birds sunbathing with VERY POWERFUL BINO'S. :tongue3: :tongue5: :sign10: Then at night you could take those bino's up onto your pilbox terrace and stargaze to calm down.

Detour on the way home via the King Harry Ferry accross the Fal:

Bikes get waved to the front so you're first off.

On the hill up from the other side is a very old disused petrol station. Last time I went by it still had the original pumps. I thought I'd finish with an arty black & white shot of my bike there but the pumps are gone and a portaloo in their place for the roadworkers - not quite the look I was going for.

No apologies for this not-very-exciting-trip post. It was called 'shopping trip' after all and I've used several very sexy emoticons to spice it up.

And it is winter.

And I'm very bored.

whys the rum always gone?
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Brilliant !! a chain pull ferry ....... We used to have two of these across the Clyde - one at Erskine and one at Renfrew, both gone now , the Erskine ferry replaced by a bridge and the Renfrew one repaced by a passenger only barge thingy. but I have been told it was spec'd for and is big enough to carry an ambulance.

On busy bank holiday evenings you could "Q" for hours waiting to get on the Erskine ferry, as most of the Glasgow residents headed for Loch Lomand and beyond.
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