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I'm calling this Shorty Long tour as I didn't plan on going as far afield.

Started off by going too see an old friend near Dornoch, called at the house, missus says he's just left on a run up North. Thought to myself, He's on a GS, should be able to catch up with relatively quickly,;) so set off North bound. Got as far as Brora, still no sign, thought I'd take the opportunity of bagging another distillery en route.

Picture 215.jpg

Looked about, saw a bit of sunshine further North and as my wife were away for the weekend and I had no time to get back, thought I'd go for a jolly.
Went up to Helmsdale, still chasing the sun and turned left on the B871 towards towards Bettyhill

Picture 219.jpg
Helmsdale " Harbour "
Picture 229.jpg

The "B" was totally deserted apart form sheep and this herd of deer who shot out in front of me
" Get back up the hill you fekers "

Picture 231.jpg

A nice little track that goes nowhere

Picture 228.jpg
More of the buggers

Picture 235.jpg
This is a rather nice welcome from one of the " other " clans. Banjo playing time I think. Clan warfare still on the up :D

Picture 238.jpg
Back on the main road, totally deserted. This is" Geoff's road ", he has been known to ride up and down it a couple of times between Ullapool and Durness, can't blame him it's a corker.
The last time I did this run was with Chad and his mate

Picture 240.jpg

Think I was lucky if I saw a dozen cars

Picture 243.jpg

Picture 245.jpg

Picture 249.jpg

Picture 252.jpg
Just before Kylesku

Picture 255.jpg

Just after Kylesku :D

Went to Ullapool and had the obligatory fish and chips.
Great day out, totally unplanned, covered around 280 miles and a big cheesy grin that I still have on my face.:thumbup:

Oooh, don't know what happend there, the first additional pic shows the deer that nearly took me out and the second ??


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Some great pics, thanks for posting.

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Cracking photies John, seems you did not have the sunshine that was further south. :wink:


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oohhh one of my fav runs :cheers:

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So - How do you pronounce it??
Get off my road - I shall be doing the Ullapool to Lochinver road in a week or so - may have to do it again to make sure I havn't missed a bit!
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