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My lad called me yesterday and told me college had broke up for christmas and he was down town getting a couple of tattoo,s.
When he was done he sent me these pictures of what £100 worth of tattoo,s looks like.

15497602_1622907234391954_1663619097_n.jpg 15577814_1622907384391939_160928488_n.jpg

These are two cartoon characters his now deceased Danish grandfather drew for him about 15 yrs ago when jnr was a rug rat.
One of em looks a bit like an angry bird to me and will look better when they are shaded in.

Have any of you been out on the lash with your mates and got some skin art.
Do any of you have skin art that you wish you hadnt got done when you sobered up.
As the topic of the thread sez Show us your tats, so get posting them photo,s.

Merry Christmas to you all where ever you may be and a peaceful and prosperous new year from me and Jnr in Denmark...
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