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sounds like that little tumble you had was really unlucky you must have landed really awkward mate..

i had two screws in me ankle some years ago from a on-road meeting with a volkswagon polo(the silly mare turned across my path while I was commuting back from work on a honda c50) it hurt like hell for a long time

in the orthopaedic ward there was a guy in the bed opposite who had almost the exact same injury requiring the same surgical fix...

i'd had an almost head on collision with a car and my ankle was the contact point between the two vehicles when they came together so i was lucky i never lost my right foot...

the other guy stepped off the kerb to cross the road and his ankle just shattered through stepping off at the wrong angle to the ground

just shows you how unlucky you can be sometimes.....:confused:

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Just got back and sprawling through the threads. Sorry to hear about your conditions

Take it easy and do as the physios tell you when you get sorted. Rugby coaches tend to have good excersizes for overcoming shoulder injuries.

I dislocated mine mountain biking 3 years ago in North Wales. Didn't get any gas and air though. They x-rayed and confirmed what I thought that it was dislocated - the clue for me was that my right arm was now where my ruck sack was and my shoulder blade had compressed in and broke 3 ribs. They sat me in a chair and pulled it to relocate it. When I came off the ceiling, they sent me for another x-ray - bad news was they did not get it located so had to try again. It would not locate because I had cracked the socket aswell. After their failed second attempt they gave me 3 pain killers for the rest of the weekend !!

I have to do regular excersizes to keep the strength up and if I lapse any the pain will gradually come back but it's no problem strength wise and I now have 90% of its mobility back

See you soon

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