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Well managed to get my LEDS into my handguards and also fitted my signal minder.
The signal minder is a nice little bit of kit which replaces the indicator relay
in the transalp. It allows you to have timed off indicators, (5/10/20 seconds), and hazard
and strobe applications , all using your original switchgear, no extra separate hazard switch.
Its main site is here .
It also allows brake light modulation, repeated flashing of brake light for a second or two ,
but i havent activated this yet.
All in all a good days work ...
First gather your supplies, my leds came from Ebay. Do a search for 12v 9 led strip,
i got a set of white and a set of amber , very cheap. I do not recommend SMD
leds as in my experience they are not as bright or easily mounted.

Then bite the bullet and start drilling your handguard !

Thats the white sidelights fitted , now for the second strip of amber for the indicators

I used pvc tape to mask the rear of the handguard

Then route your wiring into the harness of the alp, making sure that you connect
positive to positive , as LEDS are very,very sensitive to polarity.
DO NOT solder your joints or tape them up yet , as you'll be joining
some wires from the signal minder later on.

and here it is lit in the daylight ..

Now for the signal minder.

The signal minder instructions, like a lot of things are SUPERB in some
areas but kaka in others.
The transalp uses a SM3 signal minder. And is a direct replacement for
the honda relay. You then run two wires, one to the left indicator ,
one to the right (remember i said not to solder the joints yet !!)
and the destruction manual is superb for that. HOWEVER it is very poor in
explaining the switch gear option. Basically honda indicator switches ,
although they spring back after being pushed left or right ,
do NOT disengage electrically, we have to push to cancel.
The signal minder comes with 2 springs and two foam pads either of which
needs to be fitted into the honda switchgear , which means that
when you push left or right , and the button springs back to center,
so will the electric bit of the circuit.
Heres how i did it ...

The honda relay is attached to that rubber mounting point in the bottom
left of the picture which is situated at the left hand screw of the speedo binnacle.

pull the honda relay of its three pin plug and plug in the signal minder.
Then splice in the wires to your indicator harness as per destruction manual
and you can then solder your joints and tidy up the harness.

Now for the switchgear..
Looking at your switchgear from the bottom , remove the two screws and prise open

You will be met with this, notice the large rectangle of space at the left of the white plastic

This needs to be filled with the enclosed springs or foam bumpers as ..

Once thats done reassemble and test.

Heres a video of everything ...

YouTube - led

Now the magic bit is , when i want hazards i push left indicator 4 times, when i want strobe (you don't !!) i push right indicator 4 times.

I can't recommend this piece of kit enough. :cool:

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"bodger's Corner"!!
My friend, that's not bodgery, it's an inspiration, showing real quality, in conception, execution and presentation, thank you very much. It would be interesting to see your take on improving the Tranny's pathetic rear light set up.
Keep up the good work.:thumbup:

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Thanks for the kind words , i have indeed redone the rear lights , although not to my satisfaction yet. running a Clear LED Taillight, but could be better.

Currently offshore but I'll post piccies if i ever get that magical chopper back to shore.


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Thanks for the info, your clear LED tail light from Germany seems to be the same one, at the same price, as the one I had looked at on fleabay from an apparently British seller!!
I have one of Paul Goff's 6v LED stop/tail "bulbs" in my vintage Raleigh, that makes for a very acceptable rear light, epecially within the constraints of a very small "period" fitting.
I have been wondering whether to butcher the OE Tranny tail light and adapt it to take 2 lampholders which might then enable me to utilise a pair of LED Stop Tail "bulbs" What say you?
Should you wish to see what Paul Goff has to offer, just Google "norbsa"
Stay above those (big?) waves. All the best.

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top bodgery that man!

now i am wondering - do the white sidelights make the flashing of the extra indictors less noticeable? would it be possible to have the sidelights flash on and off with the indicators (but obviously still be on when not indicating)??

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